Cybersecurity, IT Assurance & Governance Conference 2018

Identity is Security 

Your Organisation's Security Isn't Complete

Without Identity and Data Governance


Mike Nayler

Director of Sales Engineering, SailPoint APAC, CISA, CISM, CISSP

Mike Nayler’s passion is building successful business by delivering Identity and Access governance solutions that meet a customers business and technical needs. Mike has been working with Identity Management and Information Security technologies for over 20 years. Previously working with RSA Security, Baltimore (Zergo) technologiesand Digital Equipment Corporation. His drive and determination to build customer focused solutions which has enabled him to build strong business relationships across multiple industry sectors and geography’s.  


Mike joined SailPoint in 2008 in the UK and grew the business and customer base significantly over the following 4 years.  In July 2012 he relocated to Singapore to build the SailPoint APAC and ASEAN, Middle East and African business.

Speaker  : 

Mike Nayler


Synopsis : 

Times are changing: data breaches are more frequent and damaging, and the regulations (like GDPR and PDPA) that help combat them carry both great responsibility and consequences. Your organisation’s security just isn’t complete without identity and data governance. With breaches frequently targeting enterprise users instead of their network and endpoints, it’s more important than ever for IT leaders to recognise that identity is security.


Information shared will include:

• Security & compliance challenges and drivers (GDPR, PDPA)

• Why organisations need to adopt a user-based approach to security

• How identity and data governance can help you enable your workforce to be identity-aware

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