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"Alliances have become an integral part of contemporary strategic thinking." - Fortune Magazine

One of key factor of Wiki Labs business growth is our vital business partnership with several IT product principal. Wiki Labs forged a strong alliances with the product principal that enable us to deliver best of breed product and solutions to our customer.


Our product principal are the leading hardware and software brands in IT Enterprise world which produce products that is reliable, enteprise class and highly scalable and secure. By providing such solutions to our customer, we are confident this can in return protect our customer investment.


All the product solutions that Wiki Labs has forge with the principal, our technical team member are all certified to implement and support our customer. Our team of professional personnel will enable to provide services from pre-sales to post-sales with principal endorsement in all the different phase of the projects.

  • forging alliance with IT best of breed product
  • Integrating solutions into our service portfolio to enable better and industry technology that enable business in rapid manner.
  • Solutions that is enterprise class, reliable with principal support and highly scalable and flexible to protect customer investment